23 – 25 November

Diana Ananyan presents a paper “The South Caucasus after the Five-Day war” at the Third international conference “Security Threats in the Wider Black Sea region,” organized by the the Institute for Political Studies of Defense and Military History in Bucharest, Romania

28 October

Gayane Novikova was interviewed by the ArmInfo Agency on the new trends in security in the South Caucasus.

27 – 28 October

Sergey Sargsyan and Ashot Melyan participate in the seminar on the Black Sea security issues, held by the Black Sea Security Center, Harvard University, in Yerevan

13 October

The Italian Journal “Li Mes: revista italiana di geopolitica” published an interview with Gayane Novikova “Il Caucaso e le avance di Ankara”

10 October

George C. Marshall Center Armenian Alumni Association in cooperation with the US and German Embassies holds its annual seminar  “The Five-Day war in Georgia and its impact on the situation in the region.” Professor Gregory Gleason from the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and MG Dr. Hayk Kotanjian, Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies under the MoD of Armenia present the papers.

17 – 20 September

Sergey Sargsyan presents a paper “Cooperation between the security agencies in combatting terrorism: problems and solutions” at the PfP Consortium CTWG working group meeting in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

15 – 17 September

Gayane Novikova participates in the Internet conference “Prospects of stability in the South Caucasus against the background of the Russian-Georgian war,” hold by the Caucasus Journalists Network.

11 – 12 September

Vladimir Vardanyan presents a paper “ Modern Trends in the Владимир Варданян выступил с докладом “Современные тенденции развития в области права международно-правовой ответственности” на международной конференции “Основные направления развития международного права”, организованной МИД Туркменистана, Туркменским национальным институтом демократии и прав человека при Президенте Туркменистана и Германским обществом по техническому сотрудничеству (GTZ) в Ашгабаде.

27 – 30 July

Sergey Sargsyan participates in the international seminar “The End of the Cold war and the emergence of the ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus,” organized by the Russian programme of the National security archive in Pyatigorsk, Russia

16 – 17 July

Gayane Novikova presents a paper “Is a regional cooperation a key to stability?” at the conference “Georgia and EU: Prospects for Cooperation and Integration,”  hold by EU-ISS and GFSIS in Tbilisi

9 – 12 July

Anahit Mkrtchyan presents a paper “Effectiveness of the Sectoral Partnership in Reducing Gender Discrimination in Economy and Workplace in Post Soviet Transition” at the VIII International Conference “The third sector and sustainable social changes: new horizons for research” of International Society for Third-Sector Research in Barselona, Spain.

8 July

SPECTRUM hold a seminar and discussion on “Iran as a regional power: problems and prospects” with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Among the participants is Prof. Farhad Atai, University of Tehran.

3 – 5 July

Ashot Melyan participates in the discussions at the conference “The EU and its Neighbors: Looking for New Forms of Cooperation,” organized by ELIAMEP and Bertelsmann Foundation in Athens.

13 – 23 June

Dr. Gayane Novikova
– participates in the second meeting of the working group “The Wider Black sea area and the Trans-Atlantic Alliance,” organized by the GMF and the Warsaw Center for International Relations in Kiev, Ukraine;
– presents a paper “The Wider Black Sea Region: Trends and Risks” at the international conference “The Wider Black Sea Region: In Search of Strategic Decisions of 21st Century,” hold by Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Science, in Moscow;
– participates in the discussions at the conference “The EU and its Neighbors: New Challenges and Opportunities,” organized by Bertelsmann Foundation in Paris.

11 – 14 June

Delegation of Institute for Eurasian Studies under the State Council of the China, leading by the director general Dr. Li Feng Li, visits Armenia on SPECTRUM’s invitаtion.

2 – 5 June

Dr. Gayane Novikova participates in the conference “The European Union and Black Sea Neighborhood,” hold by the Wilton Park Conference Center in Tbilisi, Georgia

29 – 30 May

Vladimir Vardanyan presents a paper on possibility of the ratification of Roman Statute of the International Criminal Court by Armenia at the international conference “The Seventh Marten Readings: Urgent problems of the International Humanitarian Law” in St. Petersburg, Russia

27 – 30 May

Sergey Sargsyan participates in the international Internet conference “Peace keeping on the territories out of the control of the Georgian authorities,” hold by the Caucasus Journalists Network.

19 – 23 May

Vladimir Vardanyan participates in the international conference and round table discussion “Modern Means of Communication and International Public Law,” organized by the Institute of the Labor and Social Relations in Minsk, Belarus

21 – 22 April

Dr. Gayane Novikova  presents a paper “External Challenges and the Conflict Resolution” at the international conference “Caucasian Future 2008. Transformations and Integration for Caucasian Stability and Development. Views from the Region,” organized by TEPAV/IPRI in cooperation with the CEPS in Brussels.

6 March

SPECTRUM published the third annual anthology „Regional Security Issues – 2007” with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

29 January

Article of Sergey Sargsyan “Azerbaijan: Oil, Arms, and Balans of Forces” published in journal “Defence Express, ” Kiew, No.12, 2007

Article of Mariam Markaryan “The Problems of Democratic Transformation in the Republic of Armenia” published in ”Transitional Studies Review,” Spengler, Vienna-New York, Vol.14, No 2 (45), 2007

16 January

SPECTRUM holds a round table “Turkey’s Role in the New Geopolitical Situation: A view from Armenia and Turkey” with participation of the leading Armenian analysts and Turkish colleagues, Prof. Mustafa Aydin and Ms. Nigar Goksel

14 January

Dr. Gayane Novikova  presents a paper “ The Wider Black Sea: a New Dimension or a Vicious Circle?” at the conference “Wider Black Sea: Perspectives for International and Regional Security,” hold by AIPRG in Yerevan

7 January

The Center welcomes Dr. Anahit Mkrtchyan as its expert on the issues of human and institutional development

Analysts of the Center discuss research plans and the schedule of activity for 2008