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SPECTRUM Center for Strategic Analysis, Yerevan, Armenia

The Center was founded in July 2001 as an independent, non-government, and non-profit organization aimed at gathering and analyzing information on the current political and social developments in Armenia and the South Caucasus region. Due to its advantageous location in Yerevan, the Center has the opportunity to collect the first hand comprehensive relevant data, review and analyze it, and present its findings and results to the widest possible audience. The Center addresses to the public, press, universities, legislation and government officials through its publications, seminars, and various rich out events.

The main objectives of the Center are:

  • examination and analysis of the processes promoting the sustainable political and socioeconomic development of the Republic of Armenia and the region of the South Caucasus as a whole;
  • elaboration of perspective proposals, aiming at prevention and minimization of threats endangering the development of Armenia and the region;
  • design of models and concepts for the resolution of ethno-political conflicts in the South Caucasus on the basis of international law and experience of conflict resolution;
  • monitoring of the political, economic, and social processes leading to the regional instability;
  • examination of the impact of regional ethno-political conflicts on the economy, social development, stability, and security of the Republic of Armenia;
  • comparative analysis of new generation conflicts of the post-Soviet area;
  • design and implementation of programs promoting regional cooperation;
  • design of prospective models of the political and social development.

Currently the Center has three self-sponsored projects: “In Depth Analysis” (analytics, subscription, 10 issues per year, since 2005); and two research projects “Conflicts, Wars, Revolutions, Coup d’état” and “The Anatomy of the Armenian Foreign Policy (2000 – 2010).” Main part of the seminars was organized by the Center without any external financial support. Since 2004 the Center published 12 anthologies, and among them the four full-scale researches.

The Center’s staffers and volunteers strongly believe that their efforts will contribute to resolve the old and prevent new regional conflicts, reinforce democratic institutions and the rule of law, and help the younger generation to shape mature political opinions in Armenia and the Southern Caucasus.

We are working for real results.