7 – 10 November

Ashot Melyan and Sergey Sargsyan participate in the conference „The South Caucasus: The Conception and Challenges in the region,” organized by the MFA of the Great Britain and Armenia

5 – 7 November

Gayane Novikova presents a paper „New Trends in the South Caucasus: the Growing Deficit of Security” at the 12th Issil-Kul Forum, organized by Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Goa, India

30 – 31 October

Sergey Sargsyan presents a paper „Armenia between NATO and SCO” at 14th international conference on the Central Asia and the Caucasus „The Shanhai Cooperation Organization: Prospects and Opportunities,” held by IPIS in Tehran, Iran

17 October

„Expectations of the compromise of the parties to the conflict close down its resolution.” Interview of Sergey Sargsyan to the See in detail: See in detail …

9 – 12 October

Dr. Gayane Novikova takes part in the discussions organized by NATO Public Diplomacy Division on the security issues and the NATO role in the South Caucasus within the framework of the regional visit to Brussels the leaders, shaping the public opinion in the region

2 – 3 October

SPECTRUM hold its fourth international conference „The South Caucasus: 2006. New Trends of Developments, Threaths and Risks” with the support of NATO PDD and MFA of Finland

25 September

Gayane Novikova takes part in the conference  “CIST: Lessons Learned and Future Policy: International/ Regional, Theological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives,” organized by the European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

1 September

SPECTRUM published conference papers „Between Caspian and Black Seas: New Challenges and Opportunities for the South Caucasus” with the financial support of the MFA of Finland

14 August

SPECTRUM thanks Sergey Shakaryantz for cooperation and wish him success at the Analytical Center „Kavkaz”

28 – 29 July

SPECTRUM’s analysts take part in discussion at the international conference „The ways and  means toward the integrated and peaceful neighborhood,” held by ICHD in Yerevan

17 – 21 July

Dr. Gayane Novikova, President of the Armenian Alumni Association, and LTC (ret.) Sergey Sargsyan participated at the conference of the Marshall Center Alumni Associations “Counteraction to the ideological support to the terorism: ooportunities and limitations in the conflict of ideas” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

7 – 8 July

Dr. Gayane Novikova presents a paper „The South Caucasus within the Wider Black Sea: the Structure of the Game” at the international conference „The Wider Black Sea region: quo vadis?” in Rhodes, Greece

28 June

The article of Sergey Sargsyan „The Turkish March: the Army and Islam” published in „Accent:  National Security of Ukraine” # 5-6, 2006, pp. 60-64, Kiew

17 – 21 June

Gayane Novikova and Sergey Sargsyan participate in the conference of the Georgian Alumni Association of the Marshall Center in Tbilisi and had several meetings with the Georgian partner organizations in Tbilisi

16 June

SPECTRUM held seminar and round table discussion on „The Armenian-Georgian relationship: Problems and prospects.” More information at „Our Conferences and seminars”

15 June

The Marshall Center Armenian Alumni Association in cooperation with the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and Center for Strategic Analysis SPECTRUM hold a seminar and discussion on „Peacebuildind and Peacekeeping: the Armenian Experience”

15 May

Dr. Gayane Novikova gave an interview on regional security issues to the Finnish Broadcasting Company и YLE Swedish Programming

5 May

Dr. Gayane Novikova participates in the conference „Armenia and the Council of Europe: The Five Years of the CoE membership”

29 April

Dr. Ruben Safrastyan presents a paper „On the Access to Eurasia: New Trends of the Turkish Policy in the South Caucasus” at the international conference „The Caucasus 2005,” organized by the CMI

25 April

The article of Sergey Sargsyan „Russia – Armenia: the revision of  the priorities” published in „Accent:  National Security of Ukraine” # 3-4, 2006, pp. 55-59, Kiew

22 April

Diana Ananyan participates in the seminar „Evaluation of the integration experience of the EU new members and candidates,” organized by the NGO „The European Integration”

12 April

„Signing a new gas agreement with Armenia Russia indicates to Iran that it should to pay attention on Russian interests.” Interview of Sergey Sargsyan to the ArmInfo Information Agency

29 March

Ashot Melyan participates in the discussion on the Draft of the Framework agreement of the Darthmunt conference on Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

28 March

Analysts of SPECTRUM participate in discussion „The Iranian gas between west and East: Prospects for Armenia” at Noravank Foundation

19 March

Dr. Gayane Novikova comments some provisions of the USA National Security Strategy in interview to the TV Channel „Armenia”

10 – 11 March

Sergey Sargsyan participated in the round table discussion and seminar within the framework of STARLINK program of the Center for European Security Studies

1 – 2 March

Gayane Novikova participates in the EAPC seminar „The Economic Aspects of Security: Improving the Governance by the Defence Sector,” organized by the MFA of Armenia in cooperation with the NATO HQ

14 February

“The Negotiations it is a Process, and there is always „the windows of opportunities.” Interview of Dr. Gayane Novikova to the ArmInfo Analytical agency

7 February

SPECTRUM printed the anthology „Regional Security Issues: 2005” with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

6 February

Sergey Sargsyan gave an interview to the ArmInfo Analytical agency  on the situation around Iran.

2 February

Dr. Gayane Novikova and Sergey Sargsyan comment for BBC the „Limitations of Opportunities of the Leaders: Elites and Societies in the Nagorno Karabakh Peace Process,” published by Reconciliation Resources

Январь 26

Гаянэ Новикова и Сергей Саркисян приняли участие в презентации публикации “Пределы возможностей лидеров: элиты и общества в нагорно-карабахском мирном процессе”, подготовленной организацией “Ресурсы примирения” и круглом столе. Мероприятие было организовано ИЧР

21 January

Dr. Gayane Novikova deliveres a lecture „Some aspects of the security of Armenia within the context of the European security system” for the members of the Association of the women with the university education

5 January

The analysts of the Center discuss the research planes and schedule for 2006