The South Caucasus - 2006:
the Main Trends of Development, Threats and Risks

The South Caucasus – 2006: the Main Trends of Development, Threats and Risks

Conference Papers Edited by Dr. Gayane Novikova Co-Edited by Sergey Sargsyan Translated by Ashot Melyan About this conference

Opening Addresses
Gayane Novikova 9
Arman Kirakossian 11
Anthony Godfrey 14
Peter Semneby European Union – South Caucasus: Prospects for Partnership and Some Challenges 16
Bojana Urumova On the Role of International Organizations in the South Caucasus: the Council of Europe 22
Vladimir Pryakhin The Role of OSCE in the South Caucasus 26
Jörg Himmelreich Reflections on a New European Neighborhood Policy for the Black Sea Region 31
Sharyl Cross Countering Ideological Support for Terrorism: Toward Building a Comprehensive Strategy for the South Caucasus and Beyond 37
Vyacheslav Igrunov Russia: Level of Perception of the Threats 47
Irakli Menagarishvili Three Main Problems of the Region: the View from Georgia 52
Leila Alieva Black Sea Region: Role of Russia, Regional and International Organizations in Resolution of Conflicts 56
Farhad Atai Iran, Russia, and the Caucasus 61
Murat Bilhan Security Issues in the Wider Black Sea Region and Particularly in the South Caucasus 68
Gayane Novikova The South Caucasus: the Sources of Instability and Mechanisms of Containment 71
Richard Giragosian Interests Strategic Importance of the South Caucasus and of China 78
Sergey Sargsyan Armenia between Poles of Power 84
Discussion Geopolitical Prospects of the Region 90
About the Authors 100