Regional Security Issues (2007)

Edited by Dr. Gayane Novikova Co-Edited by Sergey Sargsyan Translated by Ashot Melyan
Preface 9
Gayane Novikova The South Caucasus: External and Internal Challenges for Security 10
Uwe Halbach NATO and the Post-Soviet Space: Challenges of Security Cooperation with Countries in the Caucasian Region 20
Anahit Mkrtchyan Active Functioning of the Civil Society as a Condition of Legitimization of Conflict in Transforming Societies 26
Arif Yunusov Interethnic Relations in the Post-Soviet Azerbaijan 38
George Khutsishvili Conflict Resolution in Georgia: Deadlock, Impasse or Transformation? 54
Mitat Celikpala Turkey and the Caucasus 62
Abbas Maleki Iran’s New Asian Identity 69
Sergey Markedonov The South Caucasus: Competition of the Geopolitical Projects 81
Vladimir Vardanyan Resolution 106: the Juridical Essence and Political and Legal Contents 95
David Petrosyan The South Caucasus: “Cool Wars” and Innovations 102
Sergey Sargsyan Some Aspects of Recruitment into Terrorist Organizations in the Muslim Communities in Europe 113
About the Authors 123