Regional Security Issues (2006)

Edited by Dr. Gayane Novikova Co-Edited by Sergey Sargsyan Translated by Ashot Melyan
Preface 9
Gayane Novikova The South Caucasus – the European Union: Expectations and Realities 10
Sergei Konoplyov Cold Winds Over Black Sea 17
Mariam Margaryan The Features and Dynamics of the Political Process in Armenia 25
Arif Yunusov The Azerbaijani-Iranian Relations and the Regional Security 33

Tarkhan Mouravi

Russian-Georgian Relations: The Black Sea Perspective 46
Ruben Safrastian In Search of a New Role in the Middle East: Turkey and Aggravation of the Middle East Conflict in Summer 2006 56
Farhad Atai The Ethnic Issue in the Relations

Between Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan

Vahagn Aglyan On Some Aspects of Russia’s Trans-Caucasian Policy 66
Dov Lynch South Caucasus: Illusions of the Status Quo 74
Sergey Sargsyan Azerbaijan: Oil and War 80
Alexander Skakov Abkhazia: Challenges and Threats to the Republic and the Region 91
Basentsi Azoyan The Role of Intelligence in Combating Terrorism 106
About the Authors 110