Policy Papers “In-Depth Analysis”


The Center’s analytical bulletin “In-Depth Analysis”

This project was launched in March 2005.  In each issue of our bulletin you will find in-depth analysis and professional commentary by the Center’s highly qualified experts and leading invited researchers on the most important and vital security problems in the South Caucasus and beyond.  Each policy paper contains one or two analytical contributions devoted to an urgent topic impacting developments in the broader Black Sea – Caspian Sea region and upon its state entities. The tables of contents of previous issues are available at the Center’s website: www.spectrum.am

No less than eight issues are published within one year time in hard copy.  Each can also be received in PDF format via e-mail.  Maps, graphics, and tables, if needed, supplement the issues.  This publication is bi-lingual (English and Russian). For more detailed information please contact: Diana Ananyan by e-mail: d.ananyan@spectrum.am