October 30, 2020

Advanced weapons have been used by Azerbaijan against Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) and Armenia since September 27, 2020:

  • Russian “Smerch” and “Solntsepek;” Turkish T-300 Kasirga; Belarusian Polonez – all are multiple launch rocket systems;
  • Israeli LORA quasiballistic missiles;
  • Turkish Bayraktar and Israeli “Harop drones.

Finally, օn October 30, almost immediately after the OSCE statement, Azerbaijan used WMD (weapon of mass destruction): weapons spreading white phosphorus over Nagorno Karabakh have set on fire forests adjacent to civilian settlements.

Member states of NATO, the EU, and the representatives of several international bodies: Your concern for human rights, equality, liberty, freedom, and democracy is disingenuous! The truth is that you care only for your “strategic and national interests.” Therefore, you continue to remain silent. And it is YOUR silence that is killing my people.

Friends, representatives of all international bodies and analytical circles, I am not asking you to take side. I am asking only for distribution of nonbiased information regarding the actions of genocidal Azerbaijan and Turkey aimed to uproot my people from their motherland. The world must be aware and must implement peace enforcement.