I am not an ecologist

I am not an ecologist; I am not a member of the Green party. I am an ordinary citizen of Armenia and a resident of Yerevan. I never wrote about environmental problems. But all my life I live on Abovian Street, in one of the greenest parts of the city.

In the winter of 1994, walking my dog in the early morning in University Park, I saw a man (one of my neighbors) who began to saw down a large silver poplar tree. I asked him to stop, but he waved the saw at me. My dog – a big German shepherd – jumped. The man threw his saw down and run away.

I am proud and happy that the beautiful tree is still alive, and I that I can touch its trunk when walking by.

Now, in 2011, when there is no lack of electricity or gas (which could be considered as an excuse for tree-cutting in the mid-90s) I ask my fellow citizens: what you are doing?! Why are you becoming so barbarian and why do you allow the cutting of small trees, all of which try to keep fresh air in my city? Who allows you to behave like this without any fear of being punished, neither by man nor by God?

Give my green city back!

P.S. 16 small trees were cut in the area adjacent to the Dramatic Theatre, on Isahakian Street.