Security Challenges in the COVID-19 Epoch: The Case of Armenia

Dr. Gayane Novikova

October 18, 2020

Since February, 2020, the Armenian state and society have been dealing with an aggravating public health crisis and growing economic and social risks.  A sharp economic decline in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic is unavoidable. Although internal challenges stem from a gradually worsening economic situation; however, several issues specific to Armenia should be mentioned.

Internal Challenges

The post-revolutionary Armenian government has been simultaneously introducing and implementing a variety of economic, political, and legal reforms and actions. Many affect the interests of former corrupt political and economic elites.  Moreover, some of the economic reforms are not popular among those strata expecting quick and significant changes in their lives. Thus, the anger of the “formers” has coincided with disappointment by that segment of Prime Minister Pashinyan’s supporters who demand more radical measures.

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